I rebuild Marantz stereos produced between 1972 and 1977. Click on Restorations to see some comments about restorations, a list of models I restore, and typical costs. Your Marantz can be shipped or dropped off in Sonoma CA (40 miles north of San Francisco).

Click on Parts for where to find power switches, and LED lamps to match ones previously purchased.

Email: randy@irebuildmarantz.com

Call: +1 707 322 4714

Ship: 168 W Thomson Ave Sonoma CA 95476


Restorations arrive at IRM in all kinds of condition. Working, partially working, not working. It’s amazing how many different kinds of “dirty” the inside of a stereo can be. When there is melted candle wax on the top cover you know what is going to be inside. These always make me smile. It was the 70’s after all.


This one cleaned up nicely as it was a dry dust. Sometimes they can’t be made quite so pretty inside. But the sound is what matters the most, and nearly all receivers can have the sound restored.