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Set of four (4) reproduction feet. These come from AMK and they are awesome. Here is the description from the vendor:

"Marantz part # 2759057010 feet and 51570410B0 screws. 100% correct for 1970's Marantz 22xx , 23xx, 4xxx series receivers and heavier components. Measures 26.5mm OD (1.04") x 18.5mm H (.73"). Originally made in Japan from polyethylene we Made in USA using super tough BASF A3W Nylon 6/6 material. This material has much greater resistance to abrasion and cracking. Factory correct M4-.7 x 10mm screws with integral flat and split washers are included. Attention to detail is unbelievable: every radius, angle, diameter, depth, wall thickness, cavity, rib placement, relief is matched exactly to the original. We believe if your going to spend the money to make a permanent mold then make it right ! Screws even have the original dot on the head."

The set of four includes four screws to attach the feet directly to the bottom of most Seventies era Marantz models.

If you have a wood cabinet, then longer screws will be needed. I have them and you can request them when you place your order. Or you can find them at a hardware store. The size is M4 .7 25mm (4mm diameter, .7mm thread pitch, 25mm long).

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