Rebuild Kit - 2245

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What's Included

The complete kit contains about 92 parts. The parts are bagged individually by circuit board to make it easy to find the parts needed when they are needed.

  • Replacements for every electrolytic and tantalum capacitor
  • Selected transistors and diodes
  • Selected WIMA film capacitors
  • Protection relay
  • Mica insulators
  • Power switch



The standard kit uses the highly regarded Panasonic FC series capacitors. They are rated for high temperatures and long service life and they are the first choice for long term reliability. You have the option of upgrading to Elna Silmic II capacitors. These are rated for the same temperatures as the originals, and have been popularized online, particularly in the Marantz forum on Which is a great place to read more about this.

Why Upgrade Capacitors?

Why upgrade indeed? Panasonic FC and CDE series capacitors were selected for sound quality and reliability both. It's the standard rebuild kit used at People whose opinions I value say "put in a decent quality cap of the correct value and move on!" This is based in part on the knowledge that today's capacitors perform as well or better than the originals. But then there are the people whose opinions I value that believe a sonic improvement comes from upgrading to the Elna Silmic II and Nichicon Gold Tune caps. I can't hear it or measure it, but I believe them when they say they can hear it. So either way you are going to restore the original sound or perhaps improve on it. Pick which caps you want and you won't go wrong.

Both the Nichicon Gold Tune and CDE filter capacitors fit the original 40mm clamps. No funky spacers needed.

Custom LED Kit available

A full LED kit is available for your 2245. When the complete kit is installed, the meters and the dial scale have matching rich blue colors. The meter LED lamps are designed to prevent hot spots.The stereo LED lamps are red, so it looks red instead of the typical orange. The tuner pointer leads match the all black of the original leads,,and are extra long, allowing for an installation that looks like the original.The LED Kit also includes custom cut vellum diffusers for the meters and the dial scale. Heavy weight Opalux 110# vellum is used for the diffusers. This tones down the LED's while spreading out the light.

Shipping Costs

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  • $15.25 flat rate to Canada
  • $37.45 flat rate to the EU and Australia
  • Free shipping for orders over $100 in the US

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