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Blue Switch

The "blue" switch is a popular universal replacement switch for vintage Marantz stereos. It fits most 22xx models and the 2325. It will be a direct fit with a handful of models. Sometimes the switch will be rotated 45 or 90 degrees from the original. And on some models the hole in the chassis will need to be slightly enlarged. NEW! Every switch now includes a new old stock aluminum button! No more having to modify your original button...these are a perfect fit.

About Replacement Switches

I don't think there is an ideal replacement power switch. But they have to be replaced so we use the best fits we can. Marantz used several different switches, sometimes on the same model with running production changes.

Wiring Replacement Switches

At first the new replacement switches look confusing as they have more posts than the originals. The pair furthest back from the front of the switch are for power out (orange, brown, or yellow depending on your model). Say it is the brown wire. You can strip it long and bridge it across the rear pair of posts. Say the orange wire is power in. Strip it long enough to bridge across the middle pair of posts. The pair of posts nearest the front of the switch are not used.

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