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Blue Switch

The "blue" switch is a popular universal replacement switch for vintage Marantz stereos. It fits most 22xx models and the 2325. It will be a direct fit with a handful of models. Sometimes the switch will be rotated 45 or 90 degrees from the original. And on some models the hole in the chassis will need to be slightly enlarged. Every switch includes a new old stock aluminum button! No more having to modify your original button...these are a perfect fit.

About Replacement Switches

I don't think there is an ideal replacement power switch. But they have to be replaced so we use the best fits we can. Marantz used several different switches, sometimes on the same model with running production changes. Feel free to email me to enquire if the switch will fit your model. A clear photo of your existing power switch is always appreciated.

Wiring Replacement Switches

The pair of posts nearest the front of the switch are not used and they can be clipped off. The wiring is different between models and sometimes production runs of a model. Some models have just a single wire coming in and a single wire going out. Some have a single power wire coming in and two wires going out. And there are more combinations than that. If in doubt have a professional do it for you.


Some models have a "snubber" attached to the original switch. A snubber has a film capacitor and a resistor in series.Snubbers help protect the power switch from arcing. This increases the life and reliability of the power switch.

Your model may not have one on the switch and so you will not need it. If you do need one, you can add the Panasonic or the Cornell-Dubilier.

The Panasonic capacitor is back! It's a 'kit' that includes the 0.1uF/300v film capacitor and a 120 ohm 1/2w resistor. The capacitor and the resistor need to be soldered together so that they are in series.

The Cornell-Dubilier is a premium snubber. 0.1uF/600v with a resistor built-in. It is faster and easier to install than the Panasonic snubber.

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