Typical Costs
1060 $375
2220 $475
2220B $450
2225 $550
2230 $550
2235B $450
2245 $700
2250 $550
2250B $475
2270 $700
2275 $725
2285 $725
2325 $800
4270 $850

There are lots of good reasons to have your vintage Marantz rebuilt. First and foremost is to restore the original sound. This is done with a combination of parts replacement, cleaning, and adjustments. Reliability is important, so parts known to fail are replaced too. And high temperature capacitors are used to help insure your Marantz runs for a long time to come. Looking good counts and all lamps are replaced with IRM LED lamps. The exterior is thoroughly cleaned and the jacks are all polished and treated.

I've listed typical costs for several models. These include all parts and labor, but not shipping. I will provide you with a secure shipping carton and a prepaid label on request.

There is a lot more, and you have questions. So email me for more information. Depending on your needs I may refer you to other restorers.

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