Rebuild Kits

Rebuild Kits

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Rebuild Kits for the 2240, 2240B, and 2265.

Why Rebuild?

Should your Marantz be rebuilt? My answer is: if you are listening to it and enjoying it as-is, carry on! But if the bass response isn't what it used to be (it's not), the controls sound scratchy, or the power switch is funky, consider rebuilding it. 40 year old electrolytic capacitors do not perform as they did when new, sometimes dramatically so. Controls and switches get noisy. And if your power switch has not failed yet, it will. These are some of the issues that a rebuild addresses.

Don't Just Recap It, Rebuild It!

A recap is a replacement of every electrolytic capacitor in your Marantz. This results in a noticeable difference in sound, but more can be done for sound and for reliability. A rebuild includes replacing the transistors and diodes that fail most often. The power switch, of course. And the protection relay, a critical part that the output from the amplifiers goes through before reaching the speakers. Usually the receiver is relamped (awesome LED Kits sold separately), and all the potentiometers, switches, and controls are treated with contact cleaner. And important adjustments are made to the power supply and the amplifiers. The result? Better sound and reliability throughout your receiver. The kits contain the parts needed to rebuild it, not just recap it.


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