• Welcome to IRebuildMarantz.com

    Welcome to IRebuildMarantz.com

  • Restored 2240

    Restored 2240

  • Restored 2325 with Dual 510 turntable

    Restored 2325 with Dual 510 turntable

  • Restored P400 Tone Board

    Restored P400 Tone Board

    Visible on this rebuilt P400 tone board are WIMA film capacitors, then Panasonic stacked film capacitors, and in the back a single Panasonic FC electrolytic capacitor. The cool WIMA configuration thanks to "Patfont" via audiokarma.org.

  • Restored 2240 Power Supply

    Restored 2240 Power Supply

    A 2240 power supply, rebuilt using Panasonic FC series capacitors and an Omron protection relay.

  • 2270 Amplifier Test Jig

    2270 Amplifier Test Jig

    This volunteer 2270 has been converted to an amplifier test jig. All the connections needed for a 2270 main amplifier have test leads going to the top of the 2270 receiver. This setup helps when troubleshooting amplifiers that have failed.